Morpheus Sumo Robot – BattleLab Robotica 2016 1st Place Winner
07 January 2017

When you build? And Duration of progress. This year, and the build took around 5 months. Which difficulties you faced while building? The front of the robot was hard to make it as we hish. Technical specs of project (Weight

GZERO Robot Sumo – MEB Turkey Robot Competition 2016 1st Place Winner
07 January 2017

I started to design with my team at the beginning of first months of 2015 at Istanbul, Turkey. I updated old design of Senju and it bringed me victory. We made very harsh matches with another Turkish teams and never lost.

Manual for Genesis Ver.2 – The big Changes for Robot Makers.
07 January 2017

This was biggest feature we changed at Genesis V.2. For instance you have robots which are using Arduino Uno and Sparkfun Ardumoto or Arduino Motor Shield. Genesis now has same pinput for motor controlling. So they

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