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At the page, you can find  high quality motors like JSumo Core series dc gear motors, Maxon RE35, RE40, DCX Model big, high watt motors. Also, we have strong gear motors, servo motors & fast dc motors for your robot projects. With Jsumo motors, you will win. It is clear! 

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Which model motors used at projects?

These are just examples that don't have strict borders. You can use faster or lower motor types sure depending on your project & idea.

  • Explorer type robots: 200 to 1000 RPM
  • Mini Sumo Robots: 400 to 1000 RPM
  • Line Follower Robots: 750 Rpm to 5000 RPM
  • Sumo robots: These type projects depends on robot style. Non Magnetic is 200 to 1000 RPM and Magnetic type robots use usually faster than 1000 RPM.

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