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XLINE 16 Sensor Array Board
A much more compact way to code this would be void setup() { pinMode(s0, OUTPUT); // 4 Selection pins are output. pinMode(s1, OUTPUT); pinMode(s2, OUTPUT); pinMode(s3, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); } // reduced code loop Paul Szudzik void loop() { // at main loop function we use for loop and make each sensor reading. for (int i=0; i > 1) & 0x01); digitalWrite(s2, (i >> 2) & 0x01); digitalWrite(s3, (i >> 3) & 0x01); delay(1); value=analogRead(Sens); Serial.print(value); Serial.print(' '); } delay(150); Serial.println(); // After 16 for loop we go to 2nd line. }
JSumo Dark Silicone Wheel Set (33mm Diameter - Pair)
These wheels are very sturdy, but they are actually made of steel, not aluminum. So the weight is actually 48.5 grams instead of 22. I ordered two pair and they sent me a bonus pair free!
ROBUG Arduino Based Hexapod Robot Kit (Black)
It deserves five stars
Blackmagic CNC Machined Steel Chassis
We ordered for our robot competition. Very nice body kit. It is very heavy.
Titan 4x4 Plexiglass Sumo Robot Kit (No Electronics - Not Assembled)
is only the body for the price or includes the motors and wheels?
Jose Delgado
ATLAS All Terrain Robot 4x4 (High Speed // Mechanical Kit - No Electronics)
I usually don't commnt on anything, but I've bought several robot kits from Jsumo and they don't disappoint. Expecially this atlas is awesome. I built robot projects for years and this kit's quality is superb. I recommend 500 Rpm model for both speed & torque.
OMEGA Sumo Robot Full Kit (Assembled)
I planned to start sumo robots from long time. After that I see that kit and with help of email support I chose to order. Overall process (shipment time to Ecuador) take 11 days. I waited jsumo team little for assembly. If I came to robot. It works fast, uses 11 magnets (It don't have bottom photo at page). Front wedge uses razors (careful very sharp). It makes retreat tactics well. Code is well written. ( I am noob at Arduino coding) Five JS200XF sensors are now enough but I plan to add 2 more sensors to corners. Motor drivers are work very fast I didn't feel any delay. Wheel diameter is 45mm x 30mm thickness (gear attached directly to wheel)
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