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XMotion Mega Arduino Based All In One Controller
one of the best boards I recommend it to anyone who who wants to win
Symtec Q Gearmotor (12V 1450 RPM 9.28:1 44 Kgcm)
What are the specifications of the battery suitable for this motor, and is it possible to find them available to you?
Shogun Mini Sumo Robot Kit (Full Kit - Not Assembled)
We bought the Shogun Mini Sumo Robot and we were pleasantly surprised with its quality and weight.. The wheels are better than expected and it grips good with brass motor bracket. 9/10!
FROG Mini Sumo Robot Kit
I need help with the description of this product
XLINE 16 Sensor Array Board
A much more compact way to code this would be void setup() { pinMode(s0, OUTPUT); // 4 Selection pins are output. pinMode(s1, OUTPUT); pinMode(s2, OUTPUT); pinMode(s3, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); } // reduced code loop Paul Szudzik void loop() { // at main loop function we use for loop and make each sensor reading. for (int i=0; i > 1) & 0x01); digitalWrite(s2, (i >> 2) & 0x01); digitalWrite(s3, (i >> 3) & 0x01); delay(1); value=analogRead(Sens); Serial.print(value); Serial.print(' '); } delay(150); Serial.println(); // After 16 for loop we go to 2nd line. }
JSumo Dark Silicone Wheel Set (33mm Diameter - Pair)
These wheels are very sturdy, but they are actually made of steel, not aluminum. So the weight is actually 48.5 grams instead of 22. I ordered two pair and they sent me a bonus pair free!
ROBUG Arduino Based Hexapod Robot Kit (Black)
It deserves five stars
Blackmagic CNC Machined Steel Chassis
We ordered for our robot competition. Very nice body kit. It is very heavy.
Titan 4x4 Plexiglass Sumo Robot Kit (No Electronics - Not Assembled)
is only the body for the price or includes the motors and wheels?
Jose Delgado
ATLAS All Terrain Explorer Robot 4x4 (Mechanical Kit - No Electronics)
I usually don't commnt on anything, but I've bought several robot kits from Jsumo and they don't disappoint. Expecially this atlas is awesome. I built robot projects for years and this kit's quality is superb. I recommend 500 Rpm model for both speed & torque.
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