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Standoff 25mm Distance (Female-Male)
they are really usefull
JSumo DC Gearhead Motor 25mm 12V 750 RPM SP
Don't know the motor length :(
JS4311 Aluminum - Silicone Wheel Set (43 x 11mm - Pair)
These wheels are amazing for the cost. I only have one issue with them: The set screw (or maybe the included Allen key?) strips really easily and I can't properly tighten them onto the axel.
Blackmagic CNC Machined Steel Chassis
Can you pass me the datasheet?? pls
Arduino Pid Based Line Follower Robot Kit
Робот может ли проехать если толщина линии 5 см
High Power 12V 21.000Rpm DC Motor (Mabuchi 540 Style)
is this motor real???? can use in robot sumo 3kg?
XS1 Micro Sumo Robot Kit (Assembled)
I received two XS1 robots last week - I am very impressed with the engineering and build quality. It is great fun to prepare them for battle, easy to use out of the box and easy to program using Arduino IDE. JSUMO Service is very kind and responsive. Thanks for making a great product!
Stefan Hotop
Discontinued - XMotion Mega Arduino Based All In One Controller
one of the best boards I recommend it to anyone who who wants to win
Symtec Q Gearmotor (12V 1450 RPM 9.28:1 44 Kgcm)
What are the specifications of the battery suitable for this motor, and is it possible to find them available to you?
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