DC Gear Motors

Need DC gear motors for your next robotic project? We have the wide selection of gear motors for you! DC Gear Motors are mostly used at robotics and automation systems that working voltages start from 3V to 24V,  At JSumo we have mainly 12V gear motors for robotics projects. You can buy listed gear motors directly from our website. We ship worldwide with fast & trackable shipment options.

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How to select gear motor for your needs?

  1. Decide on working voltage of DC Gear Motors (It can be 3V to 24V, most popular models are 12V and 6V gear motors)
  2. Decide on speed (RPM - Revolutions per Minute)
  3. Decide on torque (Turning Force or pushing force from known distance)
  4. Look for which shaft of gear motor can be used (we have 2-3-4-6-10mm shaft diameter gear motors)
  5. Decide on motor's dimensions.
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