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  • The XS1 Micro Sumo Robot Kit is a great way to begin in the world of micro sumo robots.

    It will challenge you to think up new and creative ways to win your opponents. With 4 sensors (3 Opponent Sensor, 1 Line Sensor) and 2 gear motors built-in, we've made it easy for you to work and build your own robot and go head-to-head with opponents.

    You can even program your robots with the XMotion Micro Controller based on Arduino software. (Arduino Leonardo bootloaded mcu)

    The XS1 is under 100 grams and under 5 cm in length, height and width (fits to all official micro sumo robot rules).

    Each body part is specially designed for basic assembly and fast fixing if needed between robot matches.

    Technical Features of Micro Sumo Robot Kit

    • 49mm width, 49.5mm length, 47mm height.
    • 94 grams weight

    You'll receive a complete micro sumo robot kit ready for battle. The XS1 is the first in a series of made-for-fun micro sumo robots. It's designed to be small & portable so you can take it with you.

    What's more, the XS1 is completely customizable.  Paint with your own style. Attach extra modules like bluetooth or robot start module. 

    Hardware Side of Micro Sumo Robot, Some Part features that coming with this Kit

    XMotion Micro Robot Controller Board

    It is micro sized robot controller board for this micro sumo robot kit coming with Atmega 32u4 Mcu and 1A x 2 Dual motor driver. Board can work between 7V to 15V with plenty of I/O to attach sensors or modules. Controller can be programmed with Arduino software via micro usb cable (Cable is included to kit)

    XMotion Micro's 2 user buttons can be programmed for starting tactics or start/stop functions. Also 2 user led can help you to identify which mode of robot is working while code development.

    JS40F Infrared Opponent Sensors

    Kit includes 3 piece of JS40F sensor. These sensors are very popular choice amongst robot builders worlwide. They are digital infrared sensors that can detect from up to 60cm! Micro sumo robot will easily find the opponent with 3 sensors facing front, left and right. What is more that these sensors have wide sensing angle that 1 sensor for each side will cover broad angle that it won't have any dead band, not seen corners.

    ML1 Line, Edge Sensor

    Used for sensing white line at the edge of dohyo. Fits under front of robot. Analog output sensor is used for better detection of white line, not dohyo surface scratches (Dohyo: Sumo robot wrestling round area)

    DC Micro Gear Motors

    Strong 6V gear motors overvoltaged up to 12V.  They are high torque motors that no opponent can stop in front of them.

    Body Parts

    Body includes 3 machined part from engineering plastic that can be unassembled with only 4 x M2 screws. 

    Micro Sumo Robot's Blade

    Traditional 10mm width, 0.3mm thickness double sharpened blade is used. Blade is attached via double sided strong tape that if needed can be easily replaced. For children play and safety, we recommend not attaching blade at tests. The blade support angle is designed as 20 degrees so that the robot can go under of opponent easily.

    Super Grip & Light Silicone Wheels

    Wheels are engineered for maximum traction and lightweight for minimum inertia. After each match we recommend cleaning with IPA alcohol based cleaner like cologne or wet towels. Clean, alcohol wiped wheels will have much higher adhesion. You won't believe the difference :) Wheels attached to motor shafts with M3 x 8mm setscrews. 

    Software Side of Micro Sumo Robot

    We are sending you well commented micro sumo code (Ino, sketch file) written at Arduino IDE. Code includes all standart robot movements with sensory control. Control algorithm is enough for Micro sumo robot tournaments. But we highly recommend that you develop the codes yourself, add new starting tactics and make a full tuning of robot movements.

    At code, generic "if / else" & "while" statements with digital & analog functions for motor and sensor control routines used.

    Check out our blog post for ready-made code and detailed explanation.

    What is the difficulty level of this kit?

    If you are buying it as unassembled, some electronics soldering, assembly skills will be required. But if you have soldered the circuit before or done this kind of mechatronics project, it will not be very difficult. You can finish the entire assembly in one evening.

    On the software side, a basic knowledge of Arduino is required. If you have blinked the led or controlled a dc motor on Arduino, it will be easy for you to understand the codes. 

    What Parts Included?

    • Full Robot kit (Li-Po Battery included)
    • Battery Charger Module (Pluggable charger module board)
    • Micro USB Cable (used fr both programming and charging the robot with charger module board)
    • Allen Key (used for tightening wheels if needed)

    Micro sumo robot kit parts

    What will I need extra?

    First, opponent :) You should make your tests with opponent, usually we use custom small boxes for this purpose. 

    And special dohyo area. It can be forex, dakota material plate with 35cm diameter and 1 cm circular white line at sides. We suggest miminum 3mm dohyo thickness. (5mm better)

    You will not need extra charger as it is included. But we suggest buying extra silicone wheels can be good as silicones can be damaged at competitions.

    Some competitions may need start modules, in that case you can order our Microstart module that which is used in dozens of competitions worldwide from Brazil, France to Japan.

    General Info About Micro Sumo robots and Micro Sumo Robot Rules

    Micro sumo robots are competition type robots that 2 robot compete to push each other from the special ring (dohyo). For every type of sumo robot like Mega, Mini, Micro dimensions and weights have different qualifications. For Micro sumo robot these basic rules are:

    • Must be under 5cm each side (Width, length or height)
    • Maximum 100 gram weight is allowed.
    • It is forbidden to harm the opponent, only pushing is used as original sumo wrestlers. (Not like battlebots or combat robots)
    • No Radio control nor remote control allowed. Robots must be autonomous.

    For full list of rules best is reading competition websites.

    For wrestling of micro sumo robots, dohyo area is 35cm diameter with 1cm white line thickness at edges.

    Microsumo robots are new type of competitions give makers challange to build project with full of sensors and moving parts like drive trains. With our kit XS1 you can use them as a good base for starting to robot sports.

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  • All products shipped with sealed in box. All products packaged carefully. Before shipment, we test all electronics and control the mechanics of all products. So you will never be disappointed when you open our JSumo shipment box.

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